woman-owned HAVING FUN VR developers

The Origins of the Company

The owner, Donna Facer, started New World VR Corporation, in 2019, after a career in online educational product development. She convinced her family she could start her own VR business, and they agreed. Then a lucky break with Simon Malls landed her two great locations. The two arcades are more than a dream come true; they are an entry to a larger VR industry. We want to bring VR tools and content to a wider audience. We can show you how VR can be used for instant feedback, improved concentration, and more.

The arcades provide a great experiences to all that come. "We want our customers to leave with a new idea; to start whatever they do by making it fun."

VR in STEM Education

We think life is a long journey that begins with the love for learning and VR is a great way to make it fun. We offer educational VR content and STEM programs to school age children.

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We are currently rebranding and you will see VR64 rather than New World VR in our marketing materials. We are still the same owner and staff! Fun additions to our locations are in the works. Stay tuned.

Saying Thanks

After all we’ve been through over these past few years, we never forget to say thank you. We thank Simon Malls and local small business resources like the PPP program and 30-Day Fund for helping us through. We thank all those customers that came back when we reopened after the pandemic. We also thank our military, teachers, and first responders for their service to our local community. We thank our families because they are there for us. At the end of the day, we are thankful for what we do have, rather than what we do not.

Giving Back

If you run a nonprofit that is focused on supporting our local communities, we want to know you. We can arrange deep discounts or free passes to our arcades. We can add you to our partners page, and we can share events.