Frequently Asked Questions

You generally do not need to book in advance on weekdays.
We get busy on weekends, holidays, and during school breaks. During those times, you can book online to ensure you get the time slot you want or call before you come over.

The play time is the time you booked. During this time you can play as many games as you like. Games are selected by type, like Friendly, Blasters, or Musical, Fantasy, or Horror etc. Many are multiplayer games for 2 to 8 players. The race car is included with the arena equipment.

If you are a teacher, first responder, or active military, you get a 20% discount on hourly and half hour rates. You can get the discount when booking online by using code LIVE. If you come in without booking online just ask for the discount and present your ID. Family members of active military also receive the discount.

Our seated stations are used without gaming computers and the games are installed into the goggles. People that are concerned with vertigo, or first time in virtual reality may prefer seated stations. There are about 30 games on seated stations that range from rollercoasters and zombies to relaxation and travel. You cannot book seated stations online.

Arena stations are high-end gaming computers with headsets for full VR experience. Typical gamers prefer these and they also support multiplayer. Arena stations also offer a wide range of popular games and multiplayer games.
To see a full list of games visit the Games Page.

Young children (4 to 6) can play as well, but please be advised that prereaders need extra assistance. Attendants can help with games, but it is best for a guardian to remain with young children for support.

You can wear whatever shoes you like but if playing in the arena you may be more comfortable in flats or sneakers that stay put while playing.
Glasses can be worn while playing and necessary if you wear a prescription.
Hair in buns or ponytails get moved around due to the head straps but can be accommodated.
Jewelry around the face may get in the way of the goggles.

Book parties by calling us directly. Provide the location, date, and time of interest. We want to make sure the time is available and discuss options. We require a $50 deposit to confirm a party booking.

Norfolk mall location is on the far side near the Northampton Rd entry point. Park in the lots closest to Old Navy, Adidas, and Rita's Ice then walk up to the second isle of stores. We are on the corner, next to the Uniform Store.

Williamsburg mall location is on the far side just off Olde Towne Rd. Park near Oceans & Ale, Amy's Nails, or the Food Lion for best access.